Brew Hoppin' Tour

Are you looking for something beyond the average brewery tours in the Asheville area? Our tours features some of the most unique craft breweries that are often missed by touists. Discover how you can break the tourist trap and experience our breweries like a local.

There is nothing like finding those little hotspots that locals know about.

Years ago, I traveled to New Orleans and found an amazing breakfast spot known only by the locals. Not only was the food incredible, but I also had something else—a story to share. It was like I had uncovered an ancient artifact. This experience was something beyond the same old tour to the same old places everyone else sees. Ultimately, this is what makes Peak Excursions unique.

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At Peak Excursions, we're dedicated to helping you experience those niche craft breweries just beyond the tourist herd and sensationalistic tourist traps.

Our goal is simple: We want you to experience great beer and have captivating stories you can share of your craft beer adventure.

When it comes to breweries in Asheville, you only have two choices.

 The first is to take the same old brewery tours that all tourists take, and the second is to explore like a local and discover those craft breweries that remain hidden from thirsty tourists looking for something beyond the same old thing.

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There is one other ingredient added to each tour.

Spacious comfort. Our bus is designed for you. We did this for the same reason we decided to share a beyond Asheville experience. Simply put, we like a spacious, comfortable place to travel with clear audio and we feel travelers adventuring with us want the same thing.

If you are the kind of traveler looking to escape the herd, we have the perfect craft brewery tour for you.

Experience exotic and innovative flavors infused with one of the best water sources in the world and do so in comfort as we take you on a journey though some of the most beautiful scenery Western North Carolina has to offer.

Book Today & Experience Breweries Like A Local

Sit back and let us take you on an adventure beyond the same old sites, beyond mediocre, and beyond Asheville.

Night Owl Brews & Views

Relax & enjoy brews with a view after dark. Why take Asheville Brewery Tours when you can get beyond?